Welcome to Tandiego

We have been sharing our dance experience for over 20 years! Begin your dance journey with us

Tandiego was founded by Ozhan Leylek &
Fulya Guney, very well known tango performers 
and teachers originally from Turkey.
Fulya&Ozhan use their knowledge of various 
dance forms to enrich their Tango. They have 
a unique teaching method where they focus 
on maintaining connection and clear intention 
at all times to create a seamless dance. Their 
method involves using proper body mechanics 
and expanding the body limitsfor a full expression 
of this unique improvisational art form.
They also approach to Tango as a dance 
where both partners are co-creating the
dance instead of the "leader" creating the 
dance for the"follower."
Fulya and Ozhan are very dedicated teachers 
both to tango education and community growth.
For more about Ozhan&Fulya click here


We offer both group and private classes .
For private classes please contact us to get 
more information:
ozhanleylek@gmail.com 619-467-6648
fulyaleylek@gmail.com 619-467 6646
Beginner Class:
Fridays 7:30-8:30pm
Intermediate -Advanced Level:
Sundays 4-5pm
All levels practica:
Every Sunday 5-7pm 
All group classes and practicas except 
private classes are taking place at:
La Vie Dance&Culture
1255 W.Morena Blvd ,San Diego ,Ca ,92110
Private Classes:
Mira Mesa 92126,SD,CA

TANGO “M.E.E.T” -Tango Workout for Followers


M.E.E.T is a tango followers’ workout created by tango dancer/instructor Fulya Guney Leylek.It’s a blend of many movement techniques to explore how our bodies function for a better tango experience with the motto:

“Once your body is ready dancing is easy!”

For the Demo video please click on the link: