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Fulya and Ozhan have been dancing tango for 25 years. They use their dance education in various dance forms and their interdisciplinary background to explore and enrich their Tango.

They have traveled in Europe, Asia and USA both to teach and perform. They also took part in numerous musicals, festivals, TV Shows and live tango concerts. 

Fulya and Ozhan are very passionate tango instructors and they are known for their skill to convey tango concepts from the simplest to the most complex, humbly, patiently and in detail. They love the freedom of improvisation Tango provides and they try to guide their students to find their own voice in their tango journey. They have a solid teaching method where they focus on maintaining a strong connection and clear intention at all times for better communication and co-creation in Tango. Their method involves using proper body mechanics and expanding the body limits.

Ozhan and Fulya are very dedicated instructors both to tango education and community growth and they teach their classes in San Diego since 2017.

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We offer both group and private classes .
For private classes please contact us to get 
more information:
619 467 6646 / 619 467 6648
Beginner Class:
Fridays 7:00-8:00 pm
Fridays 8:00-9:00 pm
Intermediate -Advanced Level:
Sundays 4-5pm
All levels practica:
Every Sunday 5-7:30 pm
All group classes and practicas except 
private classes are taking place at:
La Vie Dance&Culture
1255 W.Morena Blvd ,San Diego ,Ca ,92110
Private Classes:
Mira Mesa 92126,SD,CA

TANGO “M.E.E.T” -Tango Workout for Followers


M.E.E.T is a tango followers’ workout created by tango dancer/instructor Fulya Guney Leylek.It’s a blend of many movement techniques to explore how our bodies function for a better tango experience with the motto:

“Once your body is ready dancing is easy!”

For the Demo video please click on the link: