Fulya&Ozhan Leylek

Ozhan Leylek, coming from a family of dancers, started dancing at a very young age, studying contemporary and folk dance.  He began tango classes in 1994 with his uncle, who was the first instructor to introduce Argentine Tango to Turkey. Thus, he started teaching at a very young age and became one of the founders and instructors of the very first Argentine tango school in Turkey. 

Ozhan made several journeys to Buenos Aires to study the art of tango with legendary tango maestros. He performed with live orchestras like Juan Carlos Caceres, Contempo Trio, Piazzola Project, Piatango and in many events, musicals, TV Shows.  

Ozhan is a T.D.S.F certified “Argentine Tango Master Dancer and Instructor” yet he describes himself as a life time student. Ozhan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Management.

Fulya Guney Leylek began dancing as a child of 6, beginning with gymnastics and ballet, and later branching out to jazz, contemporary, and partner dances and finally Argentine Tango. She has a degree in dance and also has achieved a Master’s degree in Arts Management. 

With her comprehensive training in dance and choreography, Fulya has been a sought after choreographer, instructor and performer for TV Shows, Dance Contests and Musicals. She has travelled as a teacher, choreographer and a performer in England, China, India, Germany and many other places in Europe and finally the USA. 

Exploring different ways to move helped Fulya find her own voice in tango dancing . By blending many dance and movement techniques, Fulya created Tango M.E.E.T followers technique classes which have helped many followers to find their own voices as well. 

Fulya&Ozhan formed their partnership in 2005 . They founded Danset Tango School in Turkey. Together they taught in many universities, introduced tango to many young dancers and trained many tango instructors. They have performed in many Stage Shows, TV Productions, Tango Concerts and festivals.
In 2017 Fulya & Ozhan moved to San Diego and founded Tandiego Tango Club. They have been teaching  and organizing weekly tango events in San Diego, working on building a stronger tango community ever since. They also travel and teach in different festivals like Burning Tango, Tucson Tango Festival as well as San Diego Tango Festival and Festivalito Sin Nombre. 

Fulya&Ozhan use their knowledge of various dance forms to enrich their Tango. They have a unique teaching method where they focus on maintaining connection and clear intention at all times to create a seamless dance. Their method involves using proper body mechanics and expanding the body limits for a full expression of this unique improvisational art form. Fulya and Ozhan are very dedicated teachers  both to tango education and community growth.