Fulya&Ozhan Leylek

Coming from a professional background in various dance forms Fulya&Ozhan use this knowledge to enrich their Tango.They have a unique teaching method where they focus on using proper body mechanics and expanding the body limits for a full expression of this unique improvisational art form.

The couple started working together in 2005 and they ran their own Tango school for 10 years in Turkey. They performed together in many TV shows,festivals and performed with live orchestras..They taught Argentine Tango in many universities and introduced this dance to many young dancers and trained many tango instructors.

Fulya&Ozhan moved to San Diego in 2017 and have been teaching locally since then.They took part as Bootcamp Instructors at San Diego Tango Festival for the last 3 years.

Ozhan Leylek,  born in a family of dancers, took his very first classes with his uncle Cetin Cengiz, a very well known dance instructor who introduced Argentine Tango to Turkey. Studying Tango since 1994,he started teaching at a very young age and he became one of the founders and instructors of the very first Argentine tango school in Turkey.

Meanwhile he traveled several times to Buenos Aires and worked with many maestros.He also studied contemporary dance and folk dance. He got his bachelor’s degree in “Art Management”

Ozhan performed  in many events, musicals, TV Shows and performed with live orchestras like Juan Carlos Caceres, Contempo Trio, Piazzola Project,Piatango

Ozhan Leylek is a certified "Master A.Tango dancer and trainer” 

He always mentions that teaching and learning go hand in hand thus, he always sees himself as a lifetime student ,exploring new ways to improve the quality of movement.

Fulya has been dancing since she was 6 years old and has a background in ballett, jazz dance and contemporary dance.She has a master’s degree in “Art Management”

She worked as a choreographer and a performer for many dance companies, musicals ,TV shows ,live orchestras and  dance festivals and traveled  all around the world. 

Fulya has been dancing Tango since 2000.Exploring different ways to move, helped Fulya find her own voice in her tango dancing and she encourages her students to find their own voice rather than memorise sequences.

The M.E.E.T followers technique classes specially designed by Fulya by blending many dance and movement techniques are very popular among followers in San Diego.